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Ethan Taylor releases his debut rap single, entitled, “Waiting”

Ethan Taylor is an up-and-coming rapper/songwriter based in North Carolina. Not too long ago, he released his debut rap single, entitled, “Waiting”, from his “Like I Said I Would” album.

Ethan Taylor – “Waiting”


“Tell me I got it, I do. All of these things we can do. Not only f*cking, the good conversation. I know that you want it, don’t ruin the moment. It’s not for discussion, stop bringing him up. If he broke your heart then that should be enough. Ain’t given no f*cks. But if he keeps running his mouth, we ride by south just to make sure he gets the hunch.” – lyrics

‘Waiting’ tells the tale of a confident guy who’s in a new romantic relationship with a woman who just broke up with her boyfriend. Currently, she’s not ready for a full-term relationship because her heart is still in the state of recovery. Therefore, the guy chooses to remain patient and wait until she’s ready to get into a committed relationship with him.

‘Waiting’ contains a relatable relationship storyline, melodic rap vocals, and a DG Beats-instrumentation flavored with rolling percussion, thick bass, and evocative synths.

Check out Ethan Taylor’s “Like I Said I Would” album, available now via Supreme Regime.

Ethan Taylor – “Like I Said I Would”

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