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EMM releases an acoustic performance of her “Pretty Face” single

EMM is a Los Angeles-based pop singer. Not too long ago, she released an acoustic performance of her “Pretty Face” single.

EMM – “Pretty Face”

“Do you really love me or do you love the way I feel. Do you want the real me or do you want the unreal? Boy, do you love me or do you love the images you chase? Do you love me or do you love the pretty face?”

The K. Sarrico-film finds EMM inside a spacious room in Michael Maroney’s home. She plays on a Hyundai Ivory Parlor Grand piano while singing a song which questions relationship love.  

‘Pretty Face’ contains a relatable storyline, pop vocals, and an acoustic instrumentation.



“‘Pretty Face’ asks a question every person in a relationship faces at some point. Will you love me without the facade, will you love me without the walls I put up, and the faces I put on? Will you love the real, messy, vulnerable, imperfect me for who I am? Or do you just want another pretty face?” – EMM

EMM is a classically trained musical prodigy from a small Michigan town. Her story resembles a modern-day Joan of Arc, and her rising EMMPIRE tells a story of one girl’s journey from fear to faith.

“In our social media-driven culture, a lot of times we end up with people based on shallow things. And it has made us deeply insecure and fearful of showing our true selves. I believe that vulnerability and honesty are the most beautiful things in a relationship. And I think in many ways, my generation is finding fewer and fewer places where we feel safe to do that. But it is crucial to develop a true and meaningful connection. Otherwise, we end up lonelier than ever in a world that is more connected than ever.” – EMM

We recommend adding EMM’s “Pretty Face” single to your personal playlist.

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