Emilya press photo
Photo by Gary Calhoun

Emilya releases a heartfelt R&B tune, entitled, “Emotionally Bankrupt”

Emilya is a 22-year-old independent singer-songwriter and classically trained pianist from Dallas, Texas. Not too long ago, she released a heartfelt R&B tune, entitled, “Emotionally Bankrupt.”

Emilya – “Emotionally Bankrupt” single

‘Emotionally Bankrupt’ finds Emilya opening up about depression and anxiety. Her lyrics capture the feelings and sentiments that many listeners experience but are often unable to talk about.

Furthermore, “Emotionally Bankrupt” contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocalization, and tuneful melodies. The piano chord-laden tune possesses downtempo instrumentation flavored with a poignant contemporary R&B vibration. Also, “Emotionally Bankrupt” showcases Emilya’s full range of talents and highlights her strong musicianship.

“Have we found the remedy so I can finally get some peace?”

Emilya press photo
Photo by Gary Calhoun

“‘Emotionally Bankrupt’ is an attempt to describe the deep feelings of depression and anxiety that so many people face today – something that is often hard to put into words. I wanted to turn something so dark into something used for beauty and used for good through the power of music. Allowing anyone and everyone to find a piece of themselves in the story of the song and realize that they are never alone in their battles.” – Emilya explained

Emilya’s goal is to spread love, empathy, and acceptance in the world through her music and for her songs to connect people.

“It’s hard when you’ve locked yourself up and your feelings left you bankrupt.”

Emilya press photo
Photo by Gary Calhoun

“I grew up around music. My dad was a music lover, and he sang and played classical guitar. Sometime around early middle school, I remember sitting on the floor watching him play some scales/exercises and then asked to try. From memory, I played back what I saw him play, and he was so shocked. Pretty much immediately we went out and bought me a guitar. And I had started piano lessons in first grade and thankfully stuck with it.” Emilya explained

Emilya has been a lover of music her entire life, taking inspiration from her Jamaican father who passed away from cancer when she was 15. Being a musician himself, he encouraged her to practice and pursue her passion, and she continues to fulfill this promise to him.

“Emotionally Bankrupt” single

Emilya - “Emotionally Bankrupt” song cover art

“I think I’ve had a lot of experiences that other people can relate to, which will be great for my music. I’ve been through extreme emotional abuse in a relationship, sexual assault, my father passing, and the list goes on. I hope my story can connect people so no one feels alone in their struggles.” Emilya explained

‘Emotionally Bankrupt’ is just part of Emilya’s opening chapter as a musician. It’s clear that she has an exciting future ahead of her as a singer-songwriter, making her an artist to watch out for in 2021. With more new music lined up for the coming months, it’ll be exciting to hear what’s next from this hugely talented artist.

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