Emily Mei - “Venom” press photo
Photo by @kimmoondog

Immerse Yourself in Emily Mei’s New “Venom” Single

Emily Mei (@emily.ghoul) is a rising singer-songwriter, actress, model, and entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a wonderful music video for her new single, “Venom.” This is her fifth foray into creating new, original music, and is just the beginning of a deep dive into highlighting her versatile musical talents as 2024 moves forward.

Emily Mei – “Venom” Music Video

“‘Venom’ was written about toxic friends and how they try to make everything your fault when things finally fall apart. I feel like these kinds of people always come in and out of everyone’s lives, we’ve all faced them. The track is called ‘Venom’ because these people are like poison and the only way to heal is by extracting them.” – Emily Mei explained

With the new year rolling in, Emily Mei packs in the heat with “Venom,” complete with full pop-rock influence heard in the guitar riffs, subtle bass lines, sterling vocals, and a significant amount of big boss energy.

The music video draws inspiration from “Alice in Borderland” type sequences to anime distorted figures as a nod to her childhood love for the genre and acknowledging her cultural roots in an epic visual. No one is here for that kind of toxic energy, and the martial arts connoisseur points out why anyone should get rid of venomous people. Time and time again, Mei has showcased her versatility with these types of addictive hooks, catchy rhythms, captivating lyrics, and cinematic music videos.

Emily Mei – MANIA (Where Them Girls At) [Video]

“MANIA” finds Emily Mei re-introducing herself showing that she is not to be messed with. The action-packed chorus and music video support the liberating mood of the track. The video amassed over one million views in 7 days after being released.

Emily Mei (feat. Sorn & Amber Liu) – My Domain | Official Music Video (Episode 1)

The past three years have been a three-part narrative series with her debut single, “My Domain,” as her introduction to her namesake Emily Mei; separating herself from the alias Emily Ghoul and delivering a packed punch of girl-power anthem with CLC’s Sorn and f(x)’s Amber Liu. So far, the girl power collaboration has gained over two million streams since its release. With her wide range of interests including anime, cosplay, video games, figure skating, and martial arts, Emily’s popularity comes as no surprise.

Emily Mei

Emily Mei - “Venom” press photo
Photo by @kimmoondog

Emily Mei’s success knows no boundaries. Initially launching her career on social media, Mei has amassed over a million followers across her range of platforms with over 700k followers just on Instagram.

Outside of music, Mei is a bubbling entrepreneur and investor, dabbing in fashion, tech, and web3 all at the intersection of entertainment. Beginning in early 2022, Emily became the executive producer and host of the series Global Spin Live for the GRAMMY Museum and the Recording Academy, spotlighting Asian artists and more from around the world. Among the talents that Mei has interviewed for the series include BamBam, KANGDANIEL, ENHYPEN, ATEEZ, Lay Zhang, Amber Liu, and more.

“Taste My Venom”

Emily Mei - “Venom” press photo
Photo by @kimmoondog

From 2020-2021, as an on-screen personality, Emily was a series regular host for Venn (Twitch, Riot Games, Gamestop) TV shows. As an actress, she will make her theatrical film debut in the upcoming indie horror film, Skill House, opposite hip-hop icon 50 Cent. She will also be filming the new Star Trek film next month with Academy Award-winner Michelle Yeoh.

Emily Mei – “Venom” single

Emily Mei - Venom cover art

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