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Emergency Tiara releases an electro-country love tune, entitled, “Here I Come”

Emergency Tiara (Juri) is a New York-based pop singer from Tokyo, Japan. Not too long ago, she released an electro-country love tune, entitled, “Here I Come”.

Emergency Tiara – “Here I Come”

“Night train, migraine, I’m coming to get you whether you like it or not. ‘Cause thinking of you makes my heart stop bumping, I can’t sleep without you, my love. A phone booth call just to leave you this message: I need your strong lullaby. Now, I can count sheep in my sleep but it’s nothing if you are not by my side.” – lyrics

“Here I Come” tells a beautiful love story of a lovely woman who can’t wait to see her significant other again. They are many miles apart, and throughout the day she severely misses his touch.

One night, after getting dressed, she puts lipstick on her lips and light makeup on her face. She travels by train to see him, and when they meet at the station, tears flow down both of their faces because they are happy to be in each other’s company once again.

Emergency Tiara

Emergency Tiara

“It’s simply a song about missing someone you love and the joy you have thinking about all the things you wanna do when you finally get to see them! Spending time with someone you love is my favorite thing.” – Emergency Tiara

“Here I Come” contains a likable storyline, charming vocals, and a modern pop instrumentation perfumed with electro-swing vibes. Therefore, we recommend adding it to your personal playlist.

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