Elodie Rêverie press photo

Elodie Rêverie releases a groovy alternative tune, entitled, “Skeleton Castle”

Elodie Rêverie is an LA-based singer-songwriter and producer from Brooklyn. Not too long ago, she released a groovy alternative tune, entitled, “Skeleton Castle”.

Elodie Rêverie – “Skeleton Castle” single

“I wrote the lyrics for this song on a songwriting retreat in Scotland when I revisited the ancient ruins of a castle owned by my ancestors I’d previously convinced by family to visit over 10 years ago. Also, the song explores making peace with divorce and growing up.” – Elodie Rêverie

Elodie Rêverie created the beat for “Skeleton Castle” inside a hotel room in London after her songwriting retreat. The very next day, she recorded her vocals at Strongroom, and Mark Needham mixed the session.

‘Skeleton Castle’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and groovy instrumentation scented with an alternative-pop aroma.

“Skeleton Castle” single

Elodie Rêverie - “Skeleton Castle” cover

“Elodie (rhymes with Melody) is bound by close family ties and these bonds are a huge part of her artist DNA. As the granddaughter of an important aviator, Elodie embraces every last facet of her heritage. This includes the lore around her Scottish ancestry which has called her back to Scotland to explore castles and study songwriting. Also, to channel lessons from both into the creation of her ‘Skeleton Castle’ single.” 

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