Ella Poletti press photo
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Ella Poletti releases a lovely acoustic version of her “Bones” single

Ella Poletti is an LA-based singer-songwriter from Indiana. Not too long ago, she released a lovely acoustic version of her “Bones” single.

Ella Poletti – “Bones (Acoustic)”

“And I know you won’t admit it but you loved it. The night you left me here alone and the way you touched my body always left me hungry. Even though you never knew all the sh*t you put me through. You’re a love that chills my bones but I can’t let you go.” – lyrics

‘Bones (Acoustic)’ tells a heart-aching tale about a painful time in Ella Poletti’s life. The bittersweet song was scripted following the demise of a romantic relationship she once shared with someone she apparently still has feelings for. 

‘Bones (Acoustic)’ contains a relatable narrative, sweet pop vocals, and chilled-out instrumentation perfumed with dreamy arrangements and sentimental elements. 

Ella Poletti – “Bones (Acoustic)”

Ella Poletti – “Bones (Acoustic)” artwork

Ella Poletti received recognition after posting cover videos on her YouTube channel. But during that time, she was homeless, couch surfing with friends until eventually finding a home. Shortly afterward, her cover of Shawn Mendes’ “Mercy” single was picked up by MTV and broadcasted globally on the renowned TV network three times.

Since then, she has gained over 1M views and 227.8K followers, respectively, via YouTube and Musical.ly. Also, her music has amassed over 1.5M streams on Spotify in less than a year.

Ella Poletti

Ella Poletti press photo
Photo by @lizziesteimer

With a series of releases lined up for 2019, Poletti’s “Bones (Acoustic)” single serves as an exciting precursor of what we can expect to hear from the bubbly entertainer. Get acquainted with Ella Poletti’s music by streaming the original version of her “Bones” single via Spotify.


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