Elizmi Haze is an urban-pop/r&b singer from the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, UK. Not too long ago, she released a lovely r&b tune, entitled, “Magical”.

Elizmi Haze – “Magical”

“‘Magical’ is a love song really. It’s about how I felt about someone I had a relationship with. Being very anxious and not confident as myself (Mia) in relationships. It was a very happy but cautious start, seeing we both had baggage from a previous relationship. Then, the day came when we could no longer deal with each other insecurities.” – Elizmi Haze

‘Magical’ tells the tale of a young woman who is in a relationship with her significant other. Things are going great, they’re having fun, and he tells her she’s beautiful, wonderful, magical, and every other pretty word, just to make her smile.

Then out the blue, later on down the line, his words to describe her aren’t as magical. They slowly start to drift apart. It’s apparent he’s had enough and she acknowledges he’s stuck in a rut.

He’s in his own world while she’s up in the clouds. Eventually, their once promising relationship becomes dull or unproductive, even though there are opportunities for them to try to make it work. But that’s if they want to.

‘Magical’ contains a relatable storyline, charming vocals, and a groovy instrumentation oozing with complimentary sounds.

Elizmi Haze + Magical

Elizmi Haze + Magical

“I wrote this track because I needed to understand the processes of why the relationship broke down. Also,  to help the world see that it’s self-doubt that lets you down in relationships of all kinds. And it’s only you who can make your life better.” – Elizmi Haze

We recommend adding Elizmi Haze’s “Magical” single to your personal playlist.

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