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Elephalooka performs their “Carry Me Home” single [LIVE] at Superphonic Studio

Elephalooka is an up-and-coming indie-rock band from Germany. Not too long ago, they performed their “Carry Me Home” single live at Superphonic Studio.

Elephalooka – “Carry Me Home” [LIVE] at Superphonic Studio

“I spread my wings as if I could fly through the sky. Who knew just what you could do with the weight on my eyes. You’re way more than just good distraction. I wouldn´t dare to say that, but how come you walk on my way? Back home won’t you take me home. Won’t you take me home.” – lyrics

‘Carry Me Home’ contains a relatable storyline and pleasing vocals. Also, the likable tune possesses easy-going instrumentation scented with an alternative-pop aroma.

‘Carry Me Home’ is featured on Elephalooka’s debut EP, entitled, “Rubber Room Break”.

Stream Elephalooka’s “Rubber Room Break” via Apple Music

Elephalooka - “Rubber Room Break” EP cover

“‘Carry Me Home’ is about the fortuitousness of interpersonal encounter. The fatefulness of meeting your soulmate among millions and billions. And about the feeling of the lack of power to affect your own fate. Also, it’s about the beginning of a relationship, and all the beautiful sides of getting to know each other.” – Elephalooka

Elephalooka consists of David Gramberg (guitar, piano, and vocals) and Stefan Bernau (drums).

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