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Listen to El’din’s New Sensual R&B Single, “Satisfaction”

El’din (@elvis_like_presley) is an up-and-coming Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based singer-songwriter from Liberia, West Africa. Not too long ago, he released a sensual R&B single, “Satisfaction,” via  Lonestar Forever Music.

El’din – “Satisfaction” single

“Slut me don’t shame me, love how you do me. Don’t be afraid to let freak fly, I got what you need, Imma be your guy. Bend that booty over and touch your toes for me. Arch your back do it really slow for me.”

“Satisfaction” showcases El’din’s smooth vocals and captivating lyrics. With his unique blend of soulful vocals gliding over seductive instrumentation, El’din has created a song that is both sensual and mesmerizing. The lyrics paint a picture of passionate encounters and late-night rendezvous, making it the perfect soundtrack for those intimate moments.

As El’din continues to make waves in the music industry, “Satisfaction” is just a taste of what fans can expect from him in the future. With his unique sound and undeniable talent, El’din is slowly transitioning into an artist to watch out for.


El'din press photo

Growing up, El’din was immersed in the rich Liberian cultural tapestry of his homeland. Drawing inspiration from the rhythms of traditional African music as well as the soulful sounds of R&B legends, he began honing his craft as a vocalist and songwriter.

Living in Philadelphia marked a pivotal moment in El’din’s career. It was here, amidst the bustling streets and diverse communities, that he found a new canvas for his musical expression. Drawing from his Liberian roots and infusing them with the urban influences of his new surroundings, he began crafting a sound that was uniquely his own.

With his smooth vocals, poignant lyrics, and infectious melodies, El’din quickly captured the hearts of listeners. His music speaks to the universal themes of love, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams, resonating with audiences of all backgrounds.

With each song, El’din invites listeners on a journey, inviting them to connect with the depths of their emotions and find solace in the power of music. As he continues to evolve as an artist, El’din remains committed to sharing his gift with the world and leaving a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of all who encounter his music.

El’din – “Satisfaction” single

El’din - “Satisfaction” cover art

If you’re a fan of R&B music that oozes sensuality and passion, be sure to stream “Satisfaction.” It’s a song that will leave you wanting more and craving for the next chapter in El’din’s musical journey.

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