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E’Lanah releases an appealing neo-soul single, entitled, “Patience”

E’Lanah (born E’Lanah Johnson) is a 20-year-old Georgia-based singer-songwriter from Nebraska. Not too long ago, she released an appealing neo-soul single, titled, “Patience,” via 2nd Wind.

E’Lanah – “Patience” single

‘Patience’ was born out of frustration, as E’Lanah sought to capture the emotional depth of a difficult conversation. Apparently, she’s running out of patience and warns the person she is talking to, “Watch what you say next,” because things could get physical. With passion, E’Lanah sings, “I rather be reminiscing, rather be missing your kisses. Instead, I’m dealing with a menace.” With its smooth sound and powerful lyrics, “Patience” promises to resonate well with fans of Snoh Aalegra and listeners who have experienced similar struggles.

“What you gushing for? Caught you in the act, now, you’re clueless.”

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E’Lanah infused years of voice lessons into a serious effort musically. Leaving behind a college scholarship for Volleyball, E’Lanah knew it was now or never with her music career. With her mother and grandmother’s blessings, E’Lanah finds her groove best in the up-tempo, neo-soul, R&B lane. A dream of selling out stadiums is on the horizon for her if she stays the course with her team full of industry experts to keep her focused on the right trajectory.

E’Lanah realizes her voice is different from most, but her confidence mixed with self-peace will essentially provide the message she is trying to get around. Besides the unique tone, it’s the genuine enjoyment you can hear exploding through the speaker system when E’Lanah is crooning. While she hones in on her musical journey, E’Lanah knows a fanbase (a steady one at that) is imperative to keeping afloat in the music industry.

E’Lanah – “Patience” single

E'Lanah press photo

E’Lanah’s songs are inspired by her own personal life experiences. Also, she knows that touching base about heartbreak stages from the female perspective will help drive her points further home in her own writings and recordings. Inspired by some of the greatest vocalists to ever grace a microphone, E’Lanah won’t be sounding anything close to what you hear on the radio now from her contemporaries.

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