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Edith releases an impressive electro-pop tune, entitled, “The Day We Met”

Edith is an up-and-coming London-based singer-songwriter from Romania. Not too long ago, she released an impressive electro-pop tune, entitled, “The Day We Met.”

Edith – “The Day We Met” single

‘The Day We Met’ is about wishing you could relive a certain moment. I sat alone and replayed it over and over in my head and really wished I would have said how I really felt at that moment. It is really a sad song which I wanted people to dance to.” – Edith explained

‘The Day We Met’ contains a young woman’s painful memory, ear-pleasing vocals, and heartstring-tugging lyrics that will surely make listeners reflect on a past love. Fans of Taylor Swift, Lauv, and LANY will surely find great comfort in this tune, which has an innate ability to stay in your head long after it has been played. Also, “The Day We Met” possesses an upbeat personality bursting with electro-dance and vibrant synth-pop elements. Furthermore, the song serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear on Edith’s upcoming 13-track album, entitled, “In This House We Celebrate Heartbreak,” set to be released later in 2022.

“Take me by the hand, to the bar where we first met, that look is so addictive.”

“I hope that my music is the kind people relate to. I hope it makes people feel at home. For me, that is the most important thing I look for in music. The story it captures. The thought that my music could help them go through a hard time, that’s what music is about, the connection between the people listening and the artist. Because, at the end of the day, we all go through very different experiences but we all feel the same way.” – Edith explained

Edith started writing songs and playing guitar at the young age of 10 when her family moved to England. Finding inspiration in her surroundings, she soaked up the music of The Beatles and Eric Clapton. Since then, Edith has concocted a sound created to remedy life’s hurdles. And writing songs has always been her way of coping with whatever is going on in her life. Also, Edith has played countless shows around London’s most popular grassroots venues such as The Notting Hill Arts Club, The Fiddlers Elbow, and Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes.

“The Day We Met” single

Edith - “The Day We Met” press banner

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