Dub FX - “Fire Every Day” still

Dub FX releases a [LIVE] video performance for his “Fire Every Day” single

Dub FX (Benjamin Stanford) is a pioneering street performer, recording artist, and producer from Melbourne, Australia. Not too long ago, he released a [LIVE] video performance for his “Fire Every Day” single featuring Gaudi, Woodnote, and Andy Talkbox Mac.

Dub FX – “Fire Every Day” music video featuring Gaudi, Woodnote, and Andy Talkbox Mac

“The one-take video came together like every other video with BD Films, with no planning at all. The location was decided last minute. We set up quickly, hit record, and the performance from everyone was on point.” – Dub FX

‘Fire Every Day’ leads listeners into the disconnect between people in society and self-obsession. Also, the song empowers hearers towards change and growth.

‘Fire Every Day’ is the lead single from Dub FX’s upcoming album, entitled, “Roots”, set to be released early 2020.

The audiovisual was filmed in a single take by Ben Dowden on a Brixton rooftop. Dowden’s style of one continuous shot of a live performance (with no editing) was pioneered back in 2008 when he filmed Dub FX’s first YouTube video, “Love Someone”, on the streets of Bristol.

Dub FX – “Love Someone”  live video

“Self-empowerment is a strong theme throughout all my music. I feel like the only way to improve our society is to change ourselves so that we all make better decisions that impact the world around us. This song is a reflection on that.” – Dub FX

The 2008 audiovisual was one of the first viral videos of its time and spawned a whole generation of YouTube channels and videographers to film performances in the same way. Also, it gave viewers a raw unedited window to live performance.

Since then, Dub FX has released six records that sold over 150,000 albums. Also, he headlined major festivals that racked up over 200 million collective YouTube views.

“Love Someone” 

Dub FX – “Love Someone” cover

‘Fire Every Day’ contains a relatable storyline, pleasing vocals, and smooth harmonies. Also, the rhythmic tune possesses groovy instrumentation flavored with dancehall and reggae-funk elements. Plus, tasty brass arrangements by the talented Woodnote on Saxophone.

We recommend adding Dub FX’s “Fire Every Day” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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