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Dree Mon releases visuals for her “Dance Like I Want To” single

Dree Mon (Dree Paterson) is a pop singer and an award-winning songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “Dance Like I Want To” single.

Dree Mon – “Dance Like I Want To”

“‘Dance Like I Want To’ is all about convicting to your individuality—no matter what adversities are thrown your way. It’s about dropping the ‘facade of being cool’. ‘Cause when you are doing what you love, nothing else matters.” – Dree Mon

The Kristine K. May-directed video finds Dree Mon and other dancers bustin’ choreographed dance moves in an opened graffiti-plagued area. Also, the visuals pay homage to the Bee Gees, Saturday Night Fever, and West Side Story. It was created with the help of renowned choreographer Saleemah Knight (Lion King, Chris Brown, Beyoncé, etc.) and Dree Mon’s professional dance chops.

Dree Mon

“When I was in high school at the prestigious LA County High School for The Arts, I was hit by a car and never thought I would dance again. People at my school went on to star in movies, mega dance companies, SNL, Broadway, and I was let’s say, a bit lost. I floundered many times in my life but I always came back to dance and that whole experience, in general, was what led me to discover songwriting which became this hot-ass blaze that grows stronger every day. All this to say that we can overcome literally anything.” – Dree Mon

Dree Mon made her debut in 2017 with “Rebel Soul”, a retro-dance tune with pop appeal. However, singing wasn’t Dree’s first love, her career started as a backup dancer for other artists. But her path was altered one day when she was struck by a moving vehicle. The accident (a gift and a curse) propelled Dree to write songs as a therapeutic outlet.

Since then, Dree Mon’s songwriting has been featured on TV shows such as “Parenthood” and “White Collar”. Also in films such as “No Service”, “Wingman Inc!”, and “Love of War”.

Dree Mon – “Dance Like I Want To”

Dree Mon + "Dance Like I want To" artwork

Nowadays, Dree Mon is focused on singing her songs. So far, her music has earned her awards from the Indie Music Channel (Best Adult Contemporary Song), a RAWard (Producer Choice Award), and a Temecula Valley Music Award (Best Out of Town Talent – Pop). Also, she received a nomination from the LA Indie Critic Awards (Best Music Video). 

Her musical inspiration includes Gwen Stefani, Stevie Wonder, and Jamiroquai.  

We recommend adding Dree Mon’s “Dance Like I Want To” single to your personal playlist.

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