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Dreamcam takes the webcam industry to the next level with the launch of the first-ever VR Live Streaming Platform

Dreamcam, the first-ever Virtual Reality (VR) live streaming platform for adult webcam models, will provide users with the most immersive and personalized adult entertainment experience. Leveraging the latest in VR and live streaming technology, users are essentially teleported into webcam models’ rooms where they can live out their wildest or tamest (if that is the user’s preference) sexual fantasies with real-time interaction.

The platform launched with 2,000 models. So far, it has been able to cultivate the most realistic experience to date with features like talk-to-text. Also, it offers pristine clarity and maneuverability of the VR live cam providing an unprecedented intimate feeling. Accessible with Oculus Quest and other major headset brands, Dreamcam offers high-definition detail. Also, it provides ultra-low latency streaming (78 milliseconds), uncompromised video quality (4K 50 frames per second), and a video transmission bitrate of 10 megabits per second.

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“From the comfort of home, users enter into a live session and are immediately staring into the eyes of one of the gorgeous models as if they are there alone in the room with them. Users experience the same environment as the model, without external distractions, making the live experience more realistic. For those in relationships, it feels like you’re cheating – that’s how real it is. Once people try VR they will forget about 2D forever.” – stated Nikita Anufriev, Chief Product Officer

While the platform is new, the technology and team are not. Dreamcam has been involved in VR live streaming industry since the beginning of 2015. They started working with big tech companies like Google and Samsung. And they live-streamed some of the biggest sporting and cultural events including professional hockey games, mixed martial arts, and ballets. Later, they realized there was more opportunity in adult entertainment and they made the switch to 100% porn.

After identifying an immense opportunity in adult entertainment and raising $12M in venture capital money, Dreamcam pivoted and collaborated with leading adult companies Stripchat, XhamsterLive, and SexLikeReal.com to support their VR initiatives. Since 2020, the company has grown approximately 20% month-over-month (MoM) and has established a dedicated user base spanning the globe. To date, the company boasts over 383,000 hours of streaming across 150+ countries with teams in 30 locations worldwide. Now it is launching its own platform.



“We’re beyond excited to launch now, in a post-Covid world when people have embraced adult web camming and VR while looking for new forms of entertainment. We’re taking the extremely popular adult live camming experience to the next level and giving people who bought Oculus an opportunity to use – and reuse – their headsets.” – stated Anufriev 

In 2020, the adult camming industry netted nearly $6.7B in revenue. By 2027, it is expected to nearly double to $11.6B. Also, there are more than 171M VR users worldwide. By the end of 2021, almost 20% of people in the U.S. alone will be using VR headsets in some capacity. With every two out of three headsets being used for adult content. Virtual reality porn is expected to be the third-highest earner behind video games and NFL content. This accounts for over 25% of the income generated from all VR headsets owned worldwide. The platform provides users with the most immersive sex entertainment experience – so real it is like cheating.

Dreamcam is great for models – Verity Nicholson


“With Webcam VR from Dreamcam, I can boost my creativity and be myself. This technology brought an unmatched interaction experience for my subscribers. It’s just another universe compared to the traditional Webcam! I keep experimenting, and the fans love it! I’m super happy to be among the pioneers of WebCam VR and explore its potential.” stated Dreamcam model who goes by @_VerityNicholson on the site  

In addition to a better, more immersive user experience, Dreamcam is great for models. According to data from the company, providing adult live streaming services to adult entertainment leaders, 38% of VR users spend more time in private VR chats than the alternative, which means more revenue. Also, VR has helped live adult webcam models retain fans and grow their brand. According to the company, there is a 25% retention rate within the first 90 days of using their platform and it’s only increasing from there. Additionally, it provides them with a new channel to share and monetize a new type of content.

While the company transitioned from the mainstream into adult, after increased adoption and market maturation, Dreamcam plans to expand back into the mainstream. They believe the adult industry – led by them – will help spur VR adoption as it did with VCRs in the 1980s. At that point, they will launch a mainstream Live VR streaming solution.

Purchase your Oculus Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset

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