Don Neil is a rapper from Baltimore, MD. Not too long ago, he released his latest single, entitled, “Right Now”, produced by Lewis Cullen.

Don Neil – “Right Now” single

“All you wannna do is waste my time. All you ever do is waste my lines. Swear I could save them for someone else. Someone who could really use my help. So I tell myself it’ll be okay. ‘Cause I know at the end of the day, I could find someone to take your place. I could find someone to take your place. I ‘on’t got time for your sh*t right now. Got a whole lot on my mind right now. And you know that I’m on the grind right now. ‘Cause you know that I’m tryna make it out.” – lyrics

‘Right Now’ highlights Doin Neil’s current state of mind (focused and determined). Also, Neil’s not allowing anyone (or anything) to stop him from grindin’ and makin’ it out right now.  

“Right Now” single

Don Neil - Right Now cover

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