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Don Dee Dee releases a meaningful hip-hop tune, entitled, “Lies”

Don Dee Dee is an up-and-coming rapper from Birmingham, Alabama. Not too long ago, she released a meaningful hip-hop tune, entitled, “Lies”.

Don Dee Dee – “Lies” single

“No pot to piss in, no f**kin’ daddy, no f**kin’ friends. A toxic mother, distant siblings, and deadly sins. And wondering when this sh*t gon’ f**kin’ end. Giving in to the pressures of f**king struggling. So why not pop a bottle? So why not pop a pill? Why not rob and kill? Lies, and all they all from the devil. If you don’t pick yo head up then the sh*t don’t never let up. If you don’t keep yo faith then the sh*t do not get better. You was given everything that you need, you are a vessel. And I promise I’m gon’ plant that seed, you’re something special.” – lyrics

‘Lies’ finds Don Dee Dee telling listeners that they are blessings and not mistakes. Even though they are struggling to get through some type of hardship, she wants them to keep their heads above water during times when all seems lost.

Furthermore, she wants them to know that the Devil’s lies will eat them up. Also, believing something false will have them thinking that the lies told about them is the truth.

Therefore, she suggests to make a confession and be true to yourself. In her own words, “Take everything that you been through and make it a blessing. Acknowledge that you are something special and not a mistake.”

“Lies” music video (sneak peek)

Don Dee Dee is a name you should remember and an exciting new rapper to watch out for in 2020.

Her “Lies” single contains a meaningful message, conversational rap vocals, and real-life lyrics. The likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation scented with a hip-hop/rap aroma. Also, the song is featured on her latest EP, entitled, “Now That I Have Your Attention”.

“Now That I Have Your Attention”

Don Dee Dee - “Now That I Have Your Attention” cover

“The only difference is I’m geeking out for ways to get paid. So I can leave an inheritance for my grandchildren kids. And make sure they don’t experience how poverty feel. Well, guess I’m ahead of myself. But that’s how we need to think generational wealth. And understand that it’s greater than self. Uplift my people with every breath, until there’s nobody left. I’ll uplift my city ’til there’s nobody left.” – lyrics

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