“The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation” – album cover art

Doctored Sound releases a wonderful compilation album, entitled, “The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation”

Doctored Sound, an upstart record label from the UK, selectively pieced together a selection of exceptional talent to dissect the themes within Lauryn Hill’s Grammy Award-winning album, entitled, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” Their goal was to take inspiration from Hill’s classic project to create something noteworthily special.

Not too long ago, they released a wonderful compilation album, entitled, The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation. The 10-track project, featuring various artists, was masterminded by Isatta Cesay, founder of the Black female-led label. She was previously signed as a major label artist and consults for Def Jam and The Rap Game UK.

“The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation” – album

Doctored Sound - “The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation,” inspired by Lauryn Hill’s famed album   “The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation” album cover art

“My goal was to use Lauryn Hill’s incredible album as a tool to inspire and develop a new generation of talent. The music industry always asks questions about female rappers and their position in the market. As a Black female rapper, I thought it would be great to create an example, through Doctored Sound, in order to back up my responses. I wanted to do this by using arguably the greatest rap album of all time as inspiration because it was created by a Black woman.” – Isatta Cesay explained

‘The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation’ features four up-and-coming artists who are at a breaking point in their careers. The celebrated cast consists of SB, Denyher, Mercy’s Cartel, and Samson. Also, the project features three dope producers—Zino Milly, EM1X (Sneakbo), and Dom Porter. Each producer brought a flair of contemporary edge to the classic sounds and synths that are emblazoned across a bygone era.

‘The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation’ possesses bouncing lo-fi hip-hop beats, flirtations of Afrobeats, and soulful R&B. Also, it contains throwback styles of jazz and ‘90s hip-hop that strike through the heart of the record. The selection of solo and collaborative tracks were created over three months. Alongside a documentary, a photo gallery, and a selection of studio-led visuals that documents the creation of the project.

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‘The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation’ explores love (in several guises), pain, modern-day pressures, and beliefs, from a British perspective in 2022. Also, the project features two solo singles from each artist and a collaborative grand finale for “Onto Something.”

Unpicking an iconic album and interpreting it in today’s climate has allowed for an exceptional piece of work to be created that undoubtedly makes room for new discussions, new thoughts, and feelings to be spawned. Much like its predecessor, ‘The Miseducation Of An Insta Generation’ offers a musical moment to be explored, celebrated, and cherished by future generations. With a timeless sound and an array of exceptional talent, it’s time to explore “The Miseducation Of An Insta Generation.”

“The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation” playlist

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