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DJ Tomekk & M.O.P. release a music video for their “Never Give Up” single

DJ Tomekk is a producer based in Berlin and M.O.P. is a legendary hip-hop duo from Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, they release a music video for their “Never Give Up” single.

DJ Tomekk & M.O.P. – “Never Give Up” music video

“United Nations, strong minds they won`t mention. Too busy trying to hold on to their pension. Listen, divide and conquer us, strip us of hope. Supply us with dope and gave us the rope. Impeach the President, I ain`t never break bread with `em. Worldwide, keep wanting to head for him. The children of the future and I am scared for them. I wish Mama Liberty could say a prayer for `em. I’m in rare form but I care for `em. Gangsta, gangsta, but I’m still here for `em. So whoever voted for Donald Trump should have voted for Forrest Gump.” – lyrics

‘Never Give Up’ brings the streets of New York to Berlin and vice versa.

The likable tune finds Billy Danze and Lil ‘Fame spitting aggressive street-related raps with political undertones.

‘Never Give Up’ contains a relatable narrative, hardcore rap vocals, and melodic instrumentation flavored with rocky electric guitars, old-school scratches, and pounding drums.

DJ Tomekk & M.O.P. – “Never Give Up” single

DJ Tomekk & M.O.P. - “Never Give Up” cover art

The first time DJ Tomekk entered U.S. soil, he saw Snoop Dogg, Run DMC, and the Wu-Tang Clan performing at the Las Vegas Rap Music Awards.

Since then, he has released songs with Lil Kim, GZA, KRS One, Jazzy Jeff, Ice-T, Xzibit, and M.O.P.

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