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Discover Treesha’s New Album, “Love, Scars N’ Attitude”

Treesha is a talented singer-songwriter from Kenya. Not too long ago, she released a lovely reggae album, “Love, Scars N’ Attitude,” along with a black-and-white music video for her “Positive Thoughts” single with Gentleman.

Treesha & Gentleman – “Positive Thoughts” (Video)

“This a one a name necessity, sometimes we need a different type a energy. Long time I see your searching for the remedy. You should’ve buried your doubts pan the cemetery. The horizon, it a bright up again. Things weh loose now it a tight up again. I wish you all the best and love for your journey. Tomorrow will be bright, come make we earn it.” – lyrics

The video finds Treesha & Gentleman performing back and forth in a visually appealing manner. Amongst towering trees and bright sunlight, the heartfelt tune radiates rhythmic energy that will resonate well with anyone ready to turn an old page for a new start. With passion, Treesha sings, “A new beginning and a different time, better than before, words just can’t describe. Give thanks for the journey, the laughter, good vibes. Uplift each other, that way we a go shine.”

“Positive Thoughts” sets the tone for Treesha’s “Love, Scars N’ Attitude” album.

Treesha – “Love, Scars N’ Attitude” album

Treesha - “Love, Scars N' Attitude” album cover art
Photo Credit: @felixvollmerphotography

“Love, Scars N’ Attitude” is a testament to the power of the human spirit and an exploration of a woman’s resilience, strength, and passion. The album contains uplifting anthems, empowering conceptual songs, honest vulnerability, soulful melodies, and a rebellious attitude. It is a celebration of the indomitable will to overcome obstacles and chase your dreams.

With “Love, Scars N’ Attitude,” Treesha remains true to her artistry, fusing diverse sounds such as Reggae, Pop, and hip-hop and styles inspired by her wide range of musical influences; fearlessly weaving them together in a unique sonic experience for listeners.

The album also features songs from top artists namely Gentleman, Tanya Stephens, Bugle, and Turbulence.

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