Dice Soho press photo

Dice Soho releases a melodic hip-hop tune, entitled, “Timezone”

Dice Soho is a rapper from South Houston, Texas. Not too long ago, he released a melodic hip-hop tune, entitled, “Timezone”.

Dice Soho – “Timezone”

The video finds Dice Soho lighting a blunt full of gas. A few seconds later, he performs while computer-generated designs digitally graffiti the screen.

The following scene shows Dice spitting game at an Asian model. He tells her what she wants to hear and mentions he wants to have a threesome. Later, he drives her through the city streets and litters her body with cash flow.  

‘Timezone’ contains a dreamy narrative, luxurious raps, and a melodic instrumentation flavored with trap and hip-hop elements. 

Dice Soho

Dice Soho press photo

Dice Soho appeared on the national scene when he dropped a music video for his “Just Watch” single featuring his longtime friend Trill Sammy. The video gained over 15-million views, a big accomplishment for a young rapper who’s been active in Houston’s underground scene since 2004.

His uncle, local rapper SMOOV, introduced Dice to a wild lifestyle that would eventually become his calling. Dice added “Soho” later, as a homage to his birthplace in South Houston. Later, he founded Icey Life, a collection of artists and singers.

Currently, he’s signed to super-producer Mike Dean’s record label, M.W.A. Dean is known for his work with Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, and Houston legends Scarface and Pimp C.

We recommend adding Join the Dice Soho’s “Timezone” single to your personal playlist.

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