Diana Rouvas - “Wait For No One (F9 Remix)” cover

Diana Rouvas releases her “Wait For No One (F9 Remix)” single

Diana Rouvas is a singer-songwriter and winner of “The Voice” Australia. Not too long ago, she released her “Wait For No One (F9 Remix)” single, produced by James Wiltshire (Beyoncé, Fatboy Slim, Faith Evans, Jamiroquai, Kelly Rowland, Luther Vandross, Angie Stone, Kylie Minogue, etc.).

Diana Rouvas – “Wait For No One (F9 Remix)” lyric video

“I absolutely love this record and it’s probably the best vocals I’ve worked on in terms of performance for over 15 years. The bigger notes from the middle 8 onwards made my jaw hit the floor when I first heard it. Every single phrase perfectly delivered but with a raw passion that only ever comes from the heart. Also, the lyrics are unforgettable. I am quite in awe of Diana’s voice and talent!” – James Whiltshire

The original version of “Wait For No One” is soulful, funky, raw, and gutsy.

But “Wait For No One (F9 Remix)” is a pure feel-good house banger.

Both versions showcase Diana Rouvas’ dynamic vocal prowess and songwriting. 

Diana Rouvas – “Wait for No One” original lyric video

“It’s always interesting to have another artist interpret your work, so I was excited to hear what James from F9 would do by remixing a funk/soul track into a dance-floor vibe. With the caliber of incredible singers he’s worked with during this career, I’m honored that he was so enthused and excited to work with my vocals and the song.” – Diana Rouvas

Diana Rouvas is a name you should remember. She is currently working on her debut album to be released via EMI Music Australia.

We recommended adding her “Wait For No One (F9 Remix)” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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