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Destiny Malibu releases an entertaining music video for her “Sweet Persuasion” single

Destiny Malibu is a singer-songwriter from Malibu, California. Not too long ago, she released an entertaining music video for her “Sweet Persuasion” single, produced by Vodka and Tripp Weir.

Destiny Malibu – “Sweet Persuasion” music video

“I know all about your reputation. You just keep on stirring up temptations. I hope you understand my hesitation. You’re too good with that sweet persuasion, smooth talk. Hands around my waist saying, ‘Come on, baby, let me get a little taste.’ Breaking hearts with those velvet lips tryin’ to wear me down for just one kiss. ‘Cause I know you much too well. Good luck tryin’ cast your spell on me. You’re dangerous, notorious for making moves on the dance floor. Take a step back, baby, ‘cause you got me going crazy.” – lyrics

‘Sweet Persuasion’ tells a playful tale of a young woman who finds it advantageous to play hard to get. Apparently, there’s a good-looking admirer who wants to get to know her better. However, she acts like she’s not impressed with the moves being made to obtain her. Also, she’s hesitant because her love interest is persuasive. 

‘Sweet Persuasion’ celebrates youthfulness, playfulness, and feminine strength. The likable tune encourages listeners to have fun while in the process of dating. Also, it promotes setting personal boundaries and establishing self-respect.

Destiny Malibu

Destiny Malibu - “Sweet Persuasion” video photo

“I wanted to get the new year to a fresh start with an empowering, energetic, and overall good vibes song. In that spirit, the production team and I worked to achieve a Motown/Michael Jackson-inspired rendition. Mixed with a flare of modern pop that is recognizable in a Charli XCX production. Topped with Spice Girls’ unapologetic femininity and strength. Also, incorporating the playful rap/talk style verses and fun energetic choruses kept the song moving, energetic, and dance-able!” – stated Destiny Malibu 

‘Sweet Persuasion’ will be featured on Destiny Malibu’s upcoming album, entitled, “Lo Siento”. 

“Sweet Persuasion” single

Destiny Malibu - “Sweet Persuasion” cover

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