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Photo by Johann Kööp

DEJA releases an alluring Afrobeats single, entitled, “Mo Farah”

DEJA (@dejadejadejaaa) is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from the U.K. Not too long ago, she made a triumphant return with her latest Afrobeats single, titled, “Mo Farah.”

DEJA – “Mo Farah” single

DEJA stands as an indisputable luminary within the music industry, exemplifying her prowess through groundbreaking compositions such as “Mo Farah.” The song stands as a testament to her exceptional artistry, foreshadowing an auspicious trajectory ahead.

‘Mo Farah’ stands as both a tribute to greatness and an anthem of unwavering determination. The luminous composition follows in the footsteps of DEJA’s previous hit singles such as “Fine Fine Girl” and “Gagged (Look Good).”

Beyond being a testament to DEJA’s artistic evolution, “Mo Farah” serves as an exultant celebration of the singer’s creative brilliance. The song’s production beautifully marries contemporary rhythms with innovative arrangements, forging a sonic landscape that effortlessly bridges the gap between the present and the timeless.

The song also draws inspiration from the iconic Mo Farah, who readies himself for his imminent final race this September. In parallel to the illustrious athlete, DEJA’s musical journey has consistently shattered confines and established novel benchmarks, rendering her the perfect artist to unveil a composition that honors magnificence and tenacity.


DEJA press shot
Photo by Johann Kööp

“Timing is everything. In work, in luck, in love. Let’s talk about ‘love.’ We’ve all been in situationships where it’s a load of fun. But have you ever looked back and realized you were the fun, not them? Awkward! And time to dip. That’s what this song is all about; making like Mo Farah and getting far away, real quick.” – DEJA explained

DEJA melds her distinct Afro-infused pop sensibilities. She has etched an unparalleled niche in the modern musical scene, emerging as an audacious and unapologetic force within the vibrant UK music panorama. DEJA’s artistic expedition has been characterized by a consistent evolution and an unyielding commitment to innovation.

“Mo Farah” emerges as a pivotal juncture in DEJA’s musical odyssey, underscoring her aptitude for shattering creative boundaries and birthing compositions that defy conventional categorization. With a burgeoning legion of supporters and an endorsement from industry stalwarts, DEJA’s remarkable acclaim extends across reputable media outlets.

DEJA – “Mo Farah” single

DEJA - Mo Farah cover art

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