Dayo - “Mockingbirds” still photo

Dayo releases a lyric video for his “Mockingbirds” single featuring Ruuth

Dayo is a collaboration of Berlin-based producer Kraans de Lutin and different singers. Not too ago, he released a lyric video for his “Mockingbirds” single featuring Ruuth.

Dayo – “Mockingbirds” single

“Love, you give me all I want, you’re the only one I need. I know we’ve just begun, but it feels so damn real. You, you make the summer so much nicer. Thanks to you, the mockingbirds sing like a choir.” – lyrics

‘Mockingbirds’ is a feel-good love tune which celebrates the lightness of summer and awakens hopes for an eternal August.

The likable song contains a heartfelt storyline, sugar-sweet melodies, and ear-welcoming vocals.

Also, it possesses bouncing piano-driven instrumentation scented with a warm commercial-pop aroma. 

Dayo – “Mockingbirds” single

Dayo - “Mockingbirds” still photo

Dayo is an association of the Berlin producer Kraans de Lutin (Lea, Harris & Ford, Culcha Candela) and various musicians, singers, and artists.

The artist collective strolls playfully between the genres of soul, pop, and indie. However, Dayo never leaves the streets of Mother City Berlin.

Dayo – “Mockingbirds” single

Dayo - “Mockingbirds” cover art

Dayo’s “Mockingbirds” single is currently featured in the ViO TV Spot and Top 50 Shazam Charts in Germany.

Discover the world of ViO

The performance is under the new slogan, entitled, “Tell Vio to life”. Also, the presentation encourages consumers to enjoy the little things in life that matter.

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