DayDream releases a genuine pop tune, entitled, “I’m Sorry”

DayDream (Örn Smári) is an up-and-coming, 19-year-old pop singer from Northern Iceland. Not too long ago, he released a genuine pop tune, entitled, “I’m Sorry”.

DayDream – “I’m Sorry”

“You call my name but I don’t answer. This thing inside me makes me feel all the anger. Stop yelling or screaming inside my head. I have no control over this thing that beats inside my chest. And I don’t wanna feel this way. I don’t wanna be this way.” – lyrics

‘I’m Sorry’ tells the story of an insecure man with a problematic social life. In the process of trying to heal his troublesome relationship, he apologizes to his significant other and wants her to never give up on him, or them.

During this emotional time, he has short-lived fun while hanging out with his friends. When they ask if he’s okay he replies I’m fine. But when he gets home and looks in the mirror, he sees unhappiness written all over his unsettled face.

He reflects on the times when he was a happy kid and wonders what happened because he misses the happier version of himself. He concludes, maybe, he’s unhappy because he’s pretending to be something he’s not.


“The song is about social anxiety and how I felt. Like I always had to say sorry for all the things I said and did. This song is very personal because it was created during a very difficult time in my social life.” – DayDream

A few years ago, DayDream sent fellow Zindric’s artist Haukur Karls a video of him playing a rough draft of “I’m Sorry” on guitar. Shortly afterward, Haukur created the instrumentation and DayDream recorded his vocals.

DayDream’s musical inspiration includes Post Malone, NF, Ed Sheeran, and Lil peep. Also, his stage name was created at a time when he used to daydream about becoming a musician.

We recommend adding DayDream’s “I’m Sorry” single yo your personal playlist.

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