David S Blacc press photo
Photo by Zac Des

David S Blacc releases a melodic rap tune, entitled, “No Smoke” featuring Hynif

David S Blacc is a mysterious 19-year-old record producer from London, England. Not too long ago, he released a melodic rap tune, entitled, “No Smoke”, featuring rapper Hynif.

David S Blacc – “No Smoke” featuring Hynif

‘No Smoke’ captures the elements of a cold October night in London.

The likable tune finds Hynif rapping about his life growing up around crime and gang violence. Also, it reveals how his success is now blooming despite his harsh upbringing.

‘No Smoke’ contains a street narrative, conversational rap vocals, and drum-laden instrumentation embedded with festive bells and eerie sub-bass.

David S Blacc

David S Blacc press photo by Zac Des
Photo by Zac Des

“There shouldn’t be a need for you to ‘use’ social media to prove yourself if your work speaks for you. Part of my rebrand has been to reinforce that. Also, to show all of the people I have around me winning.” – David S Blacc

David S Blacc’s production, combined with his business mentality, has sent the artists who he works with hailing into the future.

Blacc seems to be more of a managing/consulting figure rather than a producer. But he always makes it clear to his clients that in the modern music industry you’re no longer being judged purely on talent.

“No Smoke” featuring Hynif

David S Blacc - “No Smoke” cover

“In fact, a 50/50 split between music and marketing is the right way to think about music if you want it to become a career.” – David S Blacc

David S Blacc has produced for multi-platinum artists such as Ayo & Tayo and Lexy Panterra. Also, he has collaborated with the most celebrated trap producers like CashmoneyAP, Sonic, and Nickebeats.

As of 2020, he looks to sign 96 clients to his exclusive production program. Also, he hopes to secure 10-20 more major placements in the U.K. as well as the U.S.

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