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Dave Winnel releases a groovy dance tune, entitled, “One Thing”, featuring Eskayi

Dave Winnel is an eclectic DJ/producer based in The Netherlands. Not too long ago, he released a groovy dance tune, entitled, “One Thing”, featuring Eskayi.

Dave Winnel – “One Thing”

‘One Thing’ tells a flirtatious tale of a young guy who desires for his love interest to come over to his home for an intimate romantic session. Apparently, the guy craves for that one special thing that his lover does very well. Therefore, his dirty mind races nonstop, awaiting his lover’s arrival.

‘One Thing’ contains a pleasure-seeking narrative and casual pop vocals. Also, the song possesses vibey instrumentation flavored with future house, electronica, and dance elements. 

Dave Winnel – “One Thing” single

Dave Winnel – “One Thing” artwork

“‘One Thing’ is a dynamic effort rolled out with the confident prowess of a professional. As an explosion of diverse world instruments, Eskayi’s killer vocals glide over an exhilarating groove that’s tailor-made for hazy evenings and the earliest of mornings.”

As a child, Dave Winnel was surrounded by his family’s classical music. Deciding to go against the grain, he quickly immersed himself in the extensive world of techno.

Since then, the bubbly producer has built a global brand, and his music collectively has amassed millions of Spotify streams.

We recommend adding Dave Winnel’s “One Thing” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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