Darryl Rahn

Darryl Rahn releases an adoring folk tune, entitled, “Reason to Run”

Darryl Rahn is a Utica-born, Brooklyn-based folk singer. Not too long ago, he released “Reason to Run”, an adoring folk tune from his “Making Strangers” album.

Darryl Rahn – “Reason to Run”

“And I can see the fire in your eyes from across the room. I didn’t want to get too close. But by the time we said our goodbyes. Honey, I can taste the ‘fumes. That’s what I remember most. But maybe I’m just looking for a reason to run now that I found someone I see through.” – Darryl Rahn

‘Reason to Run’ tells an evergreen tale of a young man who sees the fire burning in the eyes of his potential soulmate, seated across from him in a semi-crowded room. But he’s unsure of himself and afraid of seizing the moment. Instead of continuing to look her way, he disappears behind a wooden door and runs away from an opportunity to make a real love connection.

The bittersweet song contains an evergreen narrative, charismatic vocals, and an acoustic guitar-driven instrumentation perfumed with the scent of adoration.

Original home plate picture

Darryl Rahn

“The cover [for ‘Making Strangers’] is the home plate on the field where I used to play little league. The idea hit me when I was visiting my parents in May. So I rushed down with my brother’s camera before the sun set. If you look close you can see my feet desperately trying and failing to stay outta the frame. Thank God for Photoshop.” – Darryl Rahn

Check out Darryl Rahn’s “Making Strangers” album and let us know what you think. 

Darryl Rahn – “Making Strangers”

We recommend adding Darryl Rahn “Reason to Run” single to your personal playlist.

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