Danger Incorporated

Danger Incorporated releases a music video for their “Ashley Olsen” single

Danger Incorporated (Louie Duffelbags and Boothlord) is an outfit outta Atlanta. Not too long ago, they released a music video for their “Ashley Olsen” single.

Danger Incorporated – “Ashley Olsen”

“She looks just like you, baby. Cute face, cute thing. Tryna come up beside you maybe. F**k around and delight you, baby. Maybe sip some, maybe burn some. I know you never lost, those fears, but I wonder what. You’re f**kin’ waiting on now. We gotta make it something, yeah. Put them records on and lemme focus on you. Like, check it out, no hands. Flexing from a distance, she wish she was alone before it started. White girl with the business. Stuck in real life, it’s not safe like it is in your phone, boy. But see me with them dollars on me. She be like, ‘Ni^^a, come and spend them on me. Well, you remind me of my bae, Mary-Kate. So we playin’ with them stacks on me.” – lyrics

‘Ashley Olsen’ is a song dedicated to Ashley Fuller Olsen (an American fashion designer, author, and former actress, and producer). Also, the song is featured on Danger Incorporated’s “Birds Fly By Night” project.

“Birds Fly By Night”

Danger Incorporated

“Ashley Olsen tonight we’d embrace. Since I remember speaking out, I didn’t think that I’d make it. I don’t need my (phone). I just wanna (ah). Get to know Ashley. Where’s she gone? Hit my phone.” – Louie Duffelbags

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