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Photo by @deeds_art (Roderick Ejuetami)

Dami Oniru releases a lovely six-track EP, entitled, “Matter of Time”

Dami Oniru is a rising singer-songwriter and producer from Nigeria. Not too long ago, she released a lovely six-track EP, entitled, “Matter of Time.” The project exhibits an ever-growing sound for the young artist and serves as a stepping stone for her future endeavors.

Dami Oniru – “Matter of Time” EP

Dami Oniru - “Matter of Time” cover art
Photo by @deeds_art (Roderick Ejuetami)

“The concept of time has been the most significant and consistent thing in my life. It’s a concept that’s always been impounded into my psyche and what I’ve held on to. So much can happen over time, and so much of your being can change over time. I’ve had moments where I’ve wanted to give up, moments of frustration, and moments where I’ve constantly questioned my whys. Why I’m still doing this, why I’m still trying, why I haven’t tried something else, why do I keep doubting myself? I feel like this title is symbolic of where I am in life and how far I’ve come. I feel this time is very significant and will mark the beginning of a new journey in my life and career.” – Dami Oniru explained

Within a short time, Dami has curated a timeless sound while rapidly increasing her ever-growing fan base. Also, she has made a statement with her latest release alongside regular collaborator, Remy Baggins, who has extended his skills as a producer on this EP.

Some of the most notable works from Dami Oniru include her track, “Iyawo,” and her debut project, Bri’s Lounge, where the album title pays homage to her birth name, Bri’ana. Dami Oniru is almost an alter ego for the artist, who embodies her overall R’n’B aesthetic infusing the rising star’s Nigerian and American roots, while seamlessly incorporating her smooth sound.

Dami Oniru – “Soft Life” (Official Video)

Incorporating a variety of instruments from heavy drumbeats to euphonious piano sounds, “Matter of Time” EP is a follow-up to the synth-led single, “Soft Life,” which illustrates Dami’s open and honest persona on an organic modern-day production.

“Just 4 U”

‘Just 4 U’ is the introductory ballad on the EP, showcasing Dami’s immaculate penmanship and soft-spoken vocals.


‘Emotions’ seamlessly possesses warm and melodious elements. While Dami reveals her sensual side on the standout single, “Friday,” which supports a steady afro-infused beat.


Dami Oniru’s sophomore single “Runnin’” strengthened her presence within the music industry, leading to an outstanding performance for the Grammy’s digital series, Global Spin. Not only has Dami gained great success as a solo artist, but she also continues to stay true to her Nigerian heritage by working with some of the biggest artists to come out of her hometown including WurID, Odunsi (The Engine), and Remy Baggins. With such a unique sound, Dami is an artist who manages to incorporate all the things she loves into her music while encapsulating the sound of her peers who are breaking into the mainstream.

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