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Dallas Ugly releases a heartfelt Country tune, entitled, “Part of a Time”

Dallas Ugly is a three-piece indie outfit based in Nashville, TN. Not too long ago, they released a heartfelt Country tune, entitled, “Part of a Time.”

Dallas Ugly – “Part of a Time” single

“It’s so strange, I don’t know where to place the blame. These thoughts of you, they come and go as they please. And it’s not fair, didn’t realize that I ever even cared. When you’d come around, some part of me wanted you to go. And it ain’t right when I lay in bed at night. I leave my body and I go to where you are. But there’s no use in trying, I never really saw you that way. I just keep you on my mind to liven up my days.” – lyrics

‘Part of a Time’ tells an intriguing tale about a young woman who doesn’t know what’s next for her and her significant other. Apparently, she feels her partner doesn’t really know her, and things ain’t what they seem. Therefore, she tells her companion, “Don’t think you ever really knew me. I made it up, a dream I just put down in a song.”

“Maybe, you’re just part of a time when running ‘round felt best.”

Dallas Ugly press photo
Kaitlyn Raitz Photo + Video

“‘Part of a Time’ is about people and places we hold in our heads and turn into something else to keep ourselves entertained in a slump. We attach certain people and experiences to phases of our lives and blow them up into this thing they never were or never will be to romanticize times that were actually kind of sh*tty.” – Dallas Ugly explained

‘Part of a Time’ contains a relatable narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Nick Drake and Stevie Nicks. The likable tune possesses guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with indie-folk, Americana, and contemporary Country elements. Furthermore, “Part of a Time” serves as a flavorsome taste of what listeners can expect to hear on Dallas Ugly’s upcoming 12-track album, entitled, “Watch Me Learn,” available on April 8, 2022.

Dallas Ugly – “Watch Me Learn” album

Dallas Ugly - “Watch Me Learn” album cover art

“I hope that what people take away from the album is an emotional response—take away the feeling of having just caught up with some old friends in a very intimate experience.” – Weitnauer stated

‘Watch Me Learn,’ produced by Alec Spiegelman (Cuddle Magic, Ana Egge, Taylor Ashton), explores the missed adventures of life in one’s early 20s. Mistakes are being made, lessons are being learned, and bonds are being formed and broken as one grows into the person they are meant to be. The band explores these themes with fondness and love, a gentle empathy for the inner child they’ve left behind. But more than anything else, they explore them together.

After all, that’s what the album was to them: a way to reconnect with old friends after time apart—sharing the stories of the hardships and triumphs that led them back to each other. ‘Watch Me Learn’ is an album that in part looks back on the journeys and evolutions we make as individuals. Also, it looks toward the communities and people who shape our lives in equal measure.

These themes lend themselves naturally to the rolling country music vibes of Dallas Ugly’s melodies and instrumentation. Together, the band presents a dreamy, last-call rendition of three chords and the truth. If you close your eyes, you can practically feel yourself slow dancing under the lazy orbit of a disco ball at midnight.

“Watch Me Learn” album

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