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Daisy Briggs releases an adorable music video for her “I Don’t Hate U (My Mom Thinks Ur Trash)” single

Daisy Briggs is a rising Nashville-based singer-songwriter from Newport, Rhode Island. Not too long ago, she released an adorable music video for her “I Don’t Hate U (My Mom Thinks Ur Trash)” single, produced by Jake Saghi.

Daisy Briggs – “I Don’t Hate U (My Mom Thinks Ur Trash)” music video

“My mom thinks you’re trash and my friends think you suck. If they saw you out they’d probably all key your truck. I want to believe the side I saw of you is really who you are, but I just don’t know if it’s true. Yeah, I kinda hate you but I pick up if you call. I also kinda like you and I don’t hate you at all. I’m not the kind of girl who wants to change you. I kinda think that your flaws are really what makes you. So intoxicating even though I really should know better. I can’t shake the part of me that thinks we’d be good together.” – lyrics

‘I Don’t Hate U (My Mom Thinks Ur Trash)’ is a breezy tongue-in-cheek send-off to every wrong guy Daisy Briggs ever dated. She maintains a steadfast optimism despite a chorus of opinions shared by her friends and family, as she strives to remain hopeful that each failed relationship has some redeeming value. It’s a simple slam dunk of a melody with spry, down-to-earth storytelling that resonates with (almost!) everyone.

The vibrant video, (directed, produced, and shot by David Bradley), showcases a mischievous Daisy as she portrays a parade of different personalities—from Country singer to skater girl to bookworm to glamour girl. Furthermore, the “I Don’t Hate U (My Mom Thinks Ur Trash)” song will be featured on Daisy Briggs’ upcoming debut EP, entitled, “Nice Knowing You,” available in May 2023. The project will consist of six songs that Daisy penned herself and will be accompanied by six music videos.

“I’m not the kind of girl who wants to change you”

Daisy Briggs press photo

“‘i don’t hate u (my mom thinks ur trash)’ is a lighthearted song I wrote myself about a guy I liked that my mom was not a fan of – and she wasn’t afraid to tell me. I won’t share his nickname, but let’s just say ‘trash’ has something to do with it. The song originally started as sort of a chant among my friends, my band, and my inner circle about my poor taste in guys, but I started to realize that it resonated with a lot of people from all walks of life, especially on Tik Tok – more and more mothers and their daughters, and even some dads would tell me they related to the story.” – Daisy Briggs explained

Daisy Briggs makes bright, pop-infused Country music driven by relatable lyrics about life and love. A storyteller at heart, she’s used music to illustrate the world around her for as long as she can remember. A few of her musical inspirations include Miranda Lambert, Sheryl Crow, Jason Aldean, and Sam Hunt.

Daisy crafts engaging, down-to-earth narratives of friendship and heartache, joy and anxiety, blending depth and spontaneity in ways that are true to her real life. Her pure voice and passion for translating personal experience into song make her a memorable presence on stage, with a warmth and candor that speak to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Daisy Briggs

Daisy Briggs press photo

“I do what I do because I love telling stories. Music has gotten me through everything in life. If I can tell my story in a way that resonates with someone else’s experience, I’ve done my job.” – Daisy Briggs stated

Daisy Briggs grew up surrounded by a glorious menagerie of rescued pets and farm animals: 14 dogs, 14 cats, a pig, a goat, a pony, donkeys, rabbits, chickens, and even two peacocks. “Though we weren’t down South, it felt like living in a country song.”

Daisy started writing songs in middle school, inspired by the mix of Country and Pop her parents played in the car. One day, she asked her mom for a guitar and guitar lessons so she could learn to play her own music. Her earliest influences ranged from classic country radio (Dierks Bentley, Clint Black, Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, and Gretchen Wilson) to ‘70s and ‘80s Top 40 pop hits. Ultimately, Taylor Swift’s early work inspired Daisy to write her first song in the school parking lot. “It was about a boy in my middle school class. We’re still good friends.”

Daisy Briggs – “Once Upon a Time in a Small Town” (Official Music Video)

“Most days I get in the car, put on music, and just drive around Nashville. It clears my mind and changes my mood. I want other people to get in their cars and drive around singing along to my songs. I want my music to help them process their own worlds.” – Daisy Briggs stated

On September 10, 2021, Daisy released her debut single, “Once Upon a Time in a Small Town,” a bittersweet tale of summer love set in her hometown of Newport, Rhode Island. Since then, Daisy has released five singles, four written by her, and they have landed on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Country. Also, Daisy’s music videos have been placed on Vevo’s Incoming Country on YouTube.

Daisy Briggs – “I Don’t Hate U (My Mom Thinks Ur Trash)” single

Daisy Briggs - “I Don't Hate U (My Mom Thinks Ur Trash)” cover

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