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Crystal Tamar releases a hot R&B tune, entitled, “Nowhere”

Crystal Tamar is an R&B/Soul singer-songwriter based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Not too long ago, she released a hot🔥R&B tune, entitled, “Nowhere”.

Crystal Tamar  – “Nowhere”

‘Nowhere’ tells the tale of a loyal woman who’s head-over-heels in love with the man she’s in an adoring relationship with. Also, her ideal dream is to spend as much time with him outdoors, indoors, and in bed under the covers making sweet love to him all day and night.

‘Nowhere’ contains a romantic storyline, wonderful soul vocals, and a charismatic instrumentation embedded with hip-hop, soul, and trap elements.

Crystal Tamar – “Nowhere”

Crystal Tamar - "Nowhere" artwork
“‘Nowhere’ is a vibe. I could write a book about what this record means when I’m singing it. It embodies the sentiment I live by.” – Crystal Tamar

Crystal Tamar is a former member of T-Pain’s girl group, Sophia Fresh, who were previously signed to Atlantic Records/Co-Stars. After the group breakup in 2011, Tamar moved back to Houston to develop her solo sound. So far, she has collaborated with Kanye West, T.I., and Cee-Lo Green.

‘Nowhere’ came to fruition after super-producer Cam Wallace (“Upgrade U” Beyoncé) and BET Award-nominated songwriter Kaleena Harper (Diddy – Dirty Money) came aboard to execute Tamar’s vision. The result engages listeners with its urban/pop flair, comparable to the sound of Sevyn Streeter and K. Michelle.

In conclusion, Crystal Lamar’s “Nowhere” is a lovable song, therefore, we recommend adding it to your personal playlist.

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