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Cruel Youth releases a wonderful retro pop tune, entitled, “Portrait of a Female”

Cruel Youth is the musical project of singer-songwriter Teddy Sinclair (formerly known as Natalia Kills). Not too long ago, she released a wonderful retro pop tune, entitled, “Portrait of a Female”.

Cruel Youth – “Portrait of a Female”

“For a while now, I’ve wanted to make a song that pushes that ‘Phil Spector meets Brian Wilson’ warm-buzzy-banging-audacious feel to the maximum. In my obsession, deep-diving into some of the best songs by The Ronettes, The Supremes, and all of their peers at that time. I noticed the joy and desperation of the lyrics feeling truer to me now than ever before.” – Cruel Youth

‘Portrait of a Female’ uses self-awareness and sharp wit to analyze and poke fun at the caricature society has created of a woman in love. Also, the song contains a relatable storyline, sweet soul vocals, and lush instrumentation flavored with ‘60s nostalgic vibe, modern dark hip-hop, and grunge tones.

Cruel Youth

Cruel Youth press photo

“In examining the lyrics, I couldn’t help but notice how most of them would not pass in today’s times. These were songs that by today’s standards might be considered an anti-feminist message. And yet when I sing along to them at karaoke I too feel hopeless, helpless, and the despair of being alone without the one. Or unrequited and left to my own devices in this world. Does that make me ‘a puppet of the patriarchy’? Does that make me ‘a scourge on the equality we have fought so long to have’? Or does that just make me honest about how I sometimes really do feel? You decide.” – Cruel Youth

We recommend adding Cruel Youth’s “Portrait of a Female” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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