Cristina Lizzul press photo - head shot

Cristina Lizzul releases an erotic R&B tune, entitled, “So Right”

Cristina Lizzul is an Italian-American actress/singer-songwriter from San Diego, CA. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her erotic R&B tune, entitled, “So Right”.

Cristina Lizzul – “So Right”

“Find me, baby, come find me in the room hiding. Find me. Tell me do you love me. This could be nice, could be real smooth. This would be right if you come through.” – lyrics

The intimate-video finds Cristina Lizzul wearing a sexy pearl top while smelling fresh red roses. Behind her is a wall of white flowers. The following scenes show her wearing several revealing outfits including a fitted red dress.

‘So Right’ contains a romantic storyline, dreamy vocals, and a candlelit instrumentation perfumed with the aroma of love. The song tells the tale of a woman who can’t wait to make love to a man she’s in a romantic relationship with.

We recommend adding Cristina Lizzul’s “So Right” single to your personal playlist.

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