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“Before You” by Cristina Hart Is a Beautiful Song about Unexpected Love

Cristina Hart (@iamcristinahart) is a London-based singer-songwriter. Not too long ago,  she shared her brand new single, “Before You,” via APOLLO Distribution.

Cristina Hart – “Before You” single

“Growing up with parents that aren’t together is always a bit hard to wrap your head around as a kid. There’s always this secret hope that one day they’ll get back together until one day you realize that that’s never going to happen. I think it’s easy to think you’ve done something wrong to cause this as a child and that can really impact how you view relationships as an adult. I’m so lucky to have found someone who’s shown me what this kind of love looks like and I wanted to write this as a little diary entry to show that despite what’s happened in your past, you are deserving of love and, if you find the right person, you can still have and nurture a healthy relationship.” – Cristina Hart explained

“Before You” is a sweet, vulnerable song about finding love when you never thought you could; a kind of love that you didn’t know existed. Uncomplicated, unconditional, beautiful, sincere. The song comes off the back of Cristina’s previously released single, “Like My Father,” which was very well received amongst her audience, and found reputable support from the likes of BBC Introducing, Spotify’s New Pop UK, and Easy Playlist. Also, numerous online blogs applauded the level of honesty and openness tied to Hart’s music.

Cristina Hart – “Like My Father” single

“I wrote ‘Like My Father’ about my fear of abandonment. I think sometimes we can all feel like we’re either too much or not enough; and at our worst, our mind can even convince us that we’re unlovable. This song is about that unspoken but very real insecurity.” – Cristina Hart explained

Cristina’s upcoming project “Online Therapy,” which will feature her “Like My Father” and “Before You” singles, explores themes of grief, anxiety, and mental health with an assertive confidence, tapping into the most vulnerable and honest side of Cristina.

Cristina Hart – “Before You” single

Cristina Hart - “Before You” cover art

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