CRÈME releases a delicious electric tune, entitled, “Deed”

CRÈME is the creation of Trixie Reiss, a former collaborator with the pioneering electronic act, The Crystal Method. Not too long ago, the NYC-raised artist released a delicious electric tune, entitled, “Deed”.

CRÈME – “Deed”

Deed is a song that arose from a visceral dream about a situation that happened between a ‘deed’ (a man in drag who likes women sexually) and me. It culminates with a reverse #metoo moment where I am the predator. When I sat down to write it, I fell in love with that arp FM bass and used it to create an off balance and unpredictable lead melody to set the mise-en-scène. Deed became a stage where I got to act out what mattered most that day…through a multi-faceted lens.” – Reiss

Deed highlights CRÈME’s ability to craft engaging soundscapes, colorful melodies, and hypnotic hooks. Also, it breaks down stylistic boundaries and uses her voice to ask a burning question in the chorus.

Since her days collaborating with The Crystal Method, she has seen music technology grow rapidly, as music-making has become more accessible.

“Back then, I used to record complex multi-track accepella songs. And I was obsessed with my friend’s “profit 5” and “DX7” that I would spend hours tweaking knobs on. Then I met those guys who heard my stuff and wanted to use my voice and songs in the context of their music. It was  awesome in so many ways but I’ve always felt that I have so much more in me, since I’d composed on the piano, made recordings and been in bands all my life. My relationship to music is as “creator”, it’s always been that way.”



“I’ve always used a DAW for recording midi and audio. I started out with Reason, before the rise of Massive, Serum, and Sylinth. Now the principals of recording and synthesis are the same but better, faster and way more accessible. Before, I used to work with collaborators who had expensive equipment and studios but the technology has progressively gotten better and better. So that now, using everything is quite instinctual and being able to make good music has become an almost common place.”

The Difference

“Since there is so much great stuff out there, there’s a kind of self-created pressure to fit into a successful streaming mold. I try really hard to make things that sound like this or that but somehow I always end up sounding different and I’ve grown to accept that. I’m beginning to think it might actually work for me! I like the difference but I still want to be able to feel heard, it’s that soft spot somewhere in between where I want to tell my story.” 

In conclusion, CRÈME will be releasing a succession of singles throughout 2018, with “Deed” being the first. All releases will relate to each other, resulting in a sort of stylistic collage. Some are poppy and others more downtempo, but they’re all 100% CRÈME.

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