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Colleen Rennison releases a heartfelt pop ballad, entitled, “Means to an End”

Colleen Rennison is a singer-songwriter from Vancouver, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a heartfelt pop ballad, titled, “Means to an End.”

Colleen Rennison – “Means to an End” single

“It’s been three years and 39 days since I left for the prairies. Guess I shoulda known you’d be the one that was leaving for good. That ring on my finger, coulda sworn we were getting married. But in the back of my mind, I knew we never would. And I ooh, I know you don’t love me and you’re never ever ever ever ever gonna love me again.” – lyrics

‘Means to an End’ finds Colleen Rennison digging into the realization that the best days of her life may have already come and gone. She sings with great passion, “I’m just afraid that I’m gon’ be waiting my whole damn life like it’s just some kind of means to an end.” The emotive tune is the first single from Colleen’s upcoming album, entitled, “Persephone,” set for release later this year. The track sets the scene for what we can expect on the LP with Colleen laying it all out for us to see.

“What I wouldn’t give if I could get back California.”

Colleen Rennison press photo

“This song is literally ripped from my diary with me sitting in the realization that the best has come and gone. It’s the bittersweet recollection of moments passed and wondering if this feeling of loss and melancholy is something that you’ll live with until you don’t live anymore. We first recorded this as a full band, and I felt it turned out too CMT and didn’t do the song justice. So, I brought the piano player and all-around musical savant Alexander Ward back in and we did it with just piano and a little percussion, adding in the live strings which he also arranged later.” – Colleen Rennison explained

Colleen Rennison burst onto the music scene in 2011 with the blues-rock group, No Sinner. The band made immediate waves with music critics comparing her to blues belters like Janis Joplin and Maggie Bell, but Colleen is entirely her own invention. The voice is technically astounding, but the experience behind it inhabits every note.

Colleen entered the film industry at the age of five and that rootless existence as a child actor is still there in her undying commitment to the performance—nobody is more explosively honest or vulnerable onstage—and also in the demons that animate her.

Colleen Rennison

Colleen Rennison press photo

No Sinner achieved enormous success abroad before hitting the wall, painfully, in 2016. Attempts to generate a new career in New York and Austin left Colleen in a new kind of limbo, while the bad and dangerous situations persisted. Exiling herself to Vancouver Island only deepened the crisis.

Back in Vancouver, Colleen was spat out into the Downtown Eastside, where things might have gotten worse—but didn’t. Miraculously, she found the right friends, the right kind of support, the internal discipline, and, finally, the creative partner she always deserved. Entering producer Felix Fung’s New Westminster studio in early 2022, Colleen began working on the record that will stand as the truest expression of her art and her first true masterpiece.

Colleen Rennison – “Means to an End” single

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