Col3man & Armen Paul - “All My Friends” cover art

Col3man & Armen Paul release an introspective dance tune, entitled, “All My Friends”

Armen Paul is an NYC-based singer-songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts. Col3man is an electronic producer who grew up in Heber City, Utah. Not too long ago, they released an introspective dance tune, entitled, “All My Friends”.

Col3man & Armen Paul – “All My Friends” single

“Can’t walk on water, never figured it out. Waves break like me and you. Wade in my worries, but I’m human to doubt, feel you in every mood when I’m angry. I get down on my myself and I get anxious when I need help.” – lyrics

‘All My Friends’ tells an interesting tale of a depressed young man who prays for someone to call his phone.

Apparently, he’s not strong mentality, but somehow he blindly makes it through the day.

‘All My Friends’ contains a relatable storyline, harmonious vocals, and vibey instrumentation flavored with a futuristic blend of indie-pop and electronic elements.

Armen Paul

Armen Paul press photo

“My friend Col3man and I wrote this song in hopes of helping to erase some of the social stigmas around talking about depression and suicide. It can be challenging to approach friends, family, or professionals and ask for help, but talking about it is often the healthiest way of coping. There is always someone out there willing to listen. We hope this song helps others be the person to reach out and offer help or alternatively, be the person who asks for help. Both efforts take a tremendous amount of courage and they can be life-changing.” – Armen Paul

Armen Paul’s silky falsetto and shimmering vibrato coupled with his subtle grit and soulful melodies create a beautiful musical atmosphere. Not too long ago, the bubbly entertainer appeared on the television show, The X-Factor.


Col3man press photo

Greggory “Col3man” Ellis has been making a name by creating a unique blend of urban and electronic music.

After touring Africa and Europe as a concert pianist in high school, he found his love for production and dance music.

We recommend adding Col3man’s & Armen Paul’s “All My Friends” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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