Cody Dear press photo

Cody Dear releases a cheerful neo-soul tune, entitled, “Promposal” featuring singer Jada Banks-Mace

Cody Dear is a saxophonist, pianist, and composer based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, he released “Promposal”, a cheerful neo-soul tune featuring singer Jada Banks-Mace.

Cody Dear – “Promposal”

“‘Promposal’ is a cheerful, funky song that reminisces about preparing for your first big high school dance. The song’s lyrics revolve around the preparations of asking your date, as well as the excitement and anxiousness around prom itself.” – Cody Dear

‘Promposal’ contains a relatable storyline, sweet soul vocals, and a groovy instrumentation flavored with feet-tapping and head-bopping rhythms.

Cody Dear

Cody Dear press photo

“The song idea came about because I had stumbled upon an older video of my own ‘Promposal’ I did in high school. There was a lot of anxiousness that went around the preparations for my idea. But I recall being very excited to make it happen. I choreographed a full-blown dance routine with some of my closest friends, and it really ended up being one of my favorite memories from high school. Because I was a very shy person, this was definitely a bolder idea than what I was normally comfortable with doing. After talking about these types of ideas with Jada, we ended up co-writing lyrics for the piece which entails the whole fun, yet scary process behind your ‘Promposal’ in addition to our experiences with the dance itself (which is a whole other story to be told).” – Cody Dear

Cody Dear graduated from UCLA with a concentration in Jazz Studies and an emphasis in Performance. Since then, he has performed at various festivals including North Sea, Vienne, Montreux, and Umbria Jazz. Also, he has shared the stage with MAX, Terence Blanchard, and Wycliffe Gordon to name a few.

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