COASTCITY & Luis Fonsi + Pa la Calle

COASTCITY & Luis Fonsi drops visuals for their “Pa la Calle” single

COASTCITY (Jean Rodríguez and Danny Flores) is a Latin Grammy-nominated artist/production duo based in Miami, Florida. Luis Fonsi is a Puerto Rican Latin singer. Not too long ago, they released a music video for their Latino pop tune, entitled, “Pa la Calle”.

COASTCITY & Luis Fonsi – “Pa la Calle”

“l just woke up, give me an hour, an hour. Brush my teeth, roll up the sour. Feels like a Friday but it’s Monday or Tuesday. No importa ’cause we turn up, turn up every day. Vamos pa’ la calle, calle. El corillo está activa’o, yeah, oh yeah. We do this on the daily, baby. Order another round ’cause I’m thirsty.” – lyrics

The Marlon Peña-directed video finds Danny Flores seated inside an inflatable pool filled with water 💦. He rings a bell and imagines a sexy female model bringing him a bottle of champagne 🍾🥂on a silver tray. Reality settles in, and the model transforms into a disgruntled woman with a beauty mask on her face. Behind them is an RV.

The following scenes find Jean Rodríguez getting dressed on his tour bus. He calls up Luis Fonsi while Fonsi is getting suited inside his tour bus parked behind Rodríguez’s bus. The two men meet outside. For a chauffeured ride, they call up Flores, and he pulls up in a luxury vehicle.

“Pa la Calle” contains a feel-good vibe, charming pop vocals, and a poppin’ instrumentation perfumed with electro-dance elements.

COASTCITY & Luis Fonsi – “Pa la Calle”

COASTCITY & Luis Fonsi

This is the first time Fonsi has worked with his younger brother, Rodriguez, and Flores. Just picture Solange and Beyoncé doing a song together and you will understand what “Pa la Calle” means to the Latin world.

We recommend adding COASTCITY’s & Luis Fonsi’s “Pa la Calle” single to your personal playlist.

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