Close-Counters press photo by Jacob Collings
Photo by Jacob Collings

Close Counters releases a lovely dance tune, entitled, “BESPOKE”, featuring Wallace

Close Counters is an electronic duo from Australia. Not too long ago, they released a lovely electro-dance tune, entitled, “BESPOKE”, featuring singer Wallace.

Close Counters – “BESPOKE” single featuring Wallace

“We wrote ‘BESPOKE’ with Wallace on a writing trip to Sydney in Dec 2018. The three of us started writing the song from scratch and had it finished in a matter of hours. We played with sampling orchestral works to create a brooding atmosphere. Wallace’s lyrics offer solace to a girl who is dealing with an unshakeable sense of loss and sadness.” – Close Counters

‘BESPOKE’ takes listeners on a profound sonic journey flavored with vibrancy and exuberant synths. Also, its voyage travels through various twists and turns that showcase moment of robust synth bass, eclectic percussion, and swooning elements that collectively will transport you into tranquility.

The likable tune is featured on Close Counters’ second EP, entitled, “REFRACTIONS”.


Close Counters + “REFRACTIONS” EP cover

“The songs were written over the last couple of years following our move from Hobart to Melbourne. They were made possible with the help of a number of collaborators, including our live band members Elle Shimada, Lucky Pereira, and Paul Bender (Hiatus Kaiyote) on bass. Also, featuring vocalists Laneous and Wallace.” – Close Counters

‘REFRACTIONS’ highlights a major turning point in the lives of both Allan McConnell and Finn Rees (Close Counters).

Not too long ago, they made the decision to relocate from Tasmania to Melbourne, which they feel exposed them to a whole new world of opportunities. Also, the relocation served as an inspiration for the writing process for this new offering.

Throughout “REFRACTIONS”, they further signify their mastery of blending various genres of music to create their own blend of insatiable and irresistible grooves.

“TIP OF MY TONGUE – feat. Laneous Music Video

“We produce dance music that reinterprets styles of house, disco, funk, and broken beat, adopting the spirit of Melbourne soul. The music reflects its origins: combining the instrumentation of a ‘70s funk rhythm section with modern production, dense layers of analog synths, Latin percussion, and a flare of jazz harmony. Artists such as Detroit Swindle, Harvery Sutherland, Moodyman, Kaytranada, and Motor City Drum Ensemble have inspired our latest work. The result is an infectious, uplifting array of dance tunes.” – Close Counters

Close Counters managed to create something that was pivotal in the creation of these new works through a polished combination of electronic and organic instrumentation.

Stream “REFRACTIONS” EP via Apple Music

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