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Claire Maisto releases a steamy alternative R&B tune, entitled, “Slow”

Claire Maisto is an up-and-coming Nashville-based singer-songwriter from Boston. Not too long ago, she released a steamy alternative R&B tune, entitled, “Slow”.  

Claire Maisto – “Slow”

“Now we kissing in the closet at the party and everyone is asking where I’ve been. I won’t tell if you won’t tell, keep a secret very well. Cheeks all red light lipstick on your collar. Penny for my thoughts so nope I want a dollar. I won’t tell if you won’t tell.” – lyrics

‘Slow’ tells a hush-hush tale of a young guy and girl who are having a good time at a house party.

Later, during the festivities, they disappear and a few of their friends are trying to figure out their whereabouts. Apparently, the secretive twosome is closer than their worrisome friends think.

‘Slow’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and mellow instrumentation flavored with lush sounds.

Claire Maisto – “Slow”

Claire Maisto – “Slow” artwork

“I wrote ‘Slow’ about how it feels to be around a new love interest. I wanted to express the dizziness of being attracted to someone and not having a clue where it’s going. ‘Slow’ is about letting feelings take precedence over logic, and how sometimes it’s best to ignore the rules you’ve made for yourself. I hope people listening can relate and feel inspired to throw out their own rule books.” – Claire Maisto

Claire Maisto has been writing music since she was eleven-years-old. Her musical influences include SZA, Jorja Smith, and Lorde; and her music speaks of relationships and her coming of age. Also, she’s signed with Sonorous Records and studies songwriting at a college in Nashville.  

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