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CKAY releases her debut single, entitled, “Feel Good”

CKAY is a New York-based alternative singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released her debut single, entitled, “Feel Good”.

CKAY – “Feel Good”

“But I find a way to give you everything you need. You know I always aim to please. They say work a little harder. They say you could do better. I can’t deny that’s probably true. But I just wanna make you feel good.” – lyrics

‘Feel Good’ tells the tale of a woman who’s head-over-heels in love with a guy she’s in a romantic relationship with. Apparently, people in his inner circle don’t like her because she drinks too much and sleeps all day. They say she’s crazy and believe he can do better. But with all her craziness, he loves her because she makes him feel good. She admits, she’s a work in progress, and that’s enough reason for him to give their relationship a chance to prosper.

‘Feel Good’ contains a relatable storyline, lovely pop vocals, and a robust instrumentation flavored with an indie-rock scent.

CKAY – “Feel Good”

CKAY - "Feel Good" artwork

“‘Feel Good’ is the story of a girl who accepts being a f*ck-up at mostly everything, except trying to please the one she loves, despite all her inner struggles and flaws.” – CKAY

CKAY is definitely an artist to keep an ear👂out for. She has won “Live at the Apollo” three times in a row, and ever since then, she’s been developing her sound. Therefore, we recommend adding her “Feel Good” single to your personal playlist.

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