Ciara Brooke posing

Ciara Brooke releases a delicious pop tune, entitled, “Diva Diaries”

Ciara Brooke is a pop singer-songwriter from Tonkawa, OK. Not too long ago, she released a music video for “Diva Diaries”, a delicious pop tune from her EP bearing the same name.

Ciara Brooke – “Diva Diaries”

The Speak Now Film Company-directed video finds Ciara Brooke handing a $49.50 ticket to a clerk at the Poncan Theater in Ponca City, OK. She enters the theater but no one is there. That’s perfect because later that night, she’s having a grand show, which is a part of her “The Diva Diaries Tour 2018”.

Inside an empty theatre room, she sits in the middle section and performs. The following scenes show her getting ready in her dressing room, writing in her diva diary, and performing on stage in a lovely pink dress with an underneath polka dot design.

‘Diva Diaries’ contains a dreamy storyline, gorgeous pop vocals, and cinematic instrumentation perfumed with the sweet smell of success.

Ciara Brooke – “Diva Diaries”

Ciara Brooke holding her Diva Diary
“I really do have so much fun being me; come and see!” — lyrics

“‘Diva Diaries’ started out as more of a theme than a song. I’m very much a girly girl, and as the track states, ‘bossy and saucy.’ The underlying message of the song and the whole ‘Diva Diaries’ album is simply to be confident and unapologetically YOU.” – Ciara Brooke

Brooke has been singing and performing since she was 4-years-old. She’s been featured on American Idol and America’s Most Talented Kids. Not too long ago, she graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music at UCO last December with a bachelor degree in Music Production. Since then, she’s been putting the finishing touches on her “Diva Diaries” EP.

Ciara Brooke

Ciara Brooke posing

Brooke loves every aspect of music creation such as songwriting and production. Also, the icing on the cake is when she performs her songs live in front of an audience.

She strives for excellence and hopes to expand her fan base and reach new ears and lives with her music and artistry.

Her music is uplifting, positive, and oozes with confidence. Also, she has a heart for the youth of today and wants to provide them with music they can relate to.

Therefore, she created ‘Diva Diaries’, which is all about you being you and being confident in who you are.

We recommend adding Ciara Brooke’s “Diva Diaries” single to your personal playlist.

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