Christopher drops visuals for his inspiring pop tune, entitled, “Irony”

Christopher is a popular pop singer from Denmark. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Irony”, a summery pop tune embedded with inspiration.

Christopher – “Irony”

“I’m still smoking ’cause I read somewhere if I quit before I’m twenty-six I’ll be fine so I’m lying to myself while I light another cigarette. I’m addicted to my phone, getting anxious every time that it’s out of reach. I lie awake, screen right up in my face and I wonder why I can’t sleep.” – lyrics

The Nicolas Tobias Følsgaard-directed video finds Christopher writing the word ‘irony’ and other words on a blank backdrop. The following scene shows him seated on a floral-designed couch singing about his insecurities.

‘Irony’ tells the tale of a guy who struggles to stop smoking, needs social media likes to boost his self-confidence, and has a smartphone addiction. The irony is he knows he needs to fix his bad habits but fails to do so.

‘Irony’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and a charming instrumentation perfumed with a poppish scent.

Christopher – “Irony”


“I wanted to write a personal song that’s totally raw and from the heart. I offer my perspective on everyday issues that can have huge consequences for people in the long run. We portray a seemingly perfect life, but we often avoid talking about our struggles and insecurities. I think we’d all like to make changes for the better, but we surrender to things that we know are bad for us because we’re so driven by our immediate desires.” – Christopher

Christopher’s first break came in 2011 when he posted an acoustic performance of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” dance single to YouTube.

Christopher – “Call Your Girlfriend” (Robyn cover)

The video unexpectedly went viral and set Christopher on a journey that has made him one of the biggest Danish pop musicians of all-time. He has amassed over 750-million streams worldwide, and all of his official releases (three albums and sixteen singles) have reached gold or platinum status.

Therefore, we recommend adding Christopher’s “Irony” single to your personal playlist.

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