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Chris Kläfford releases a heartfelt pop-rock single, entitled, “Maybe It’s Just Me”

Chris Kläfford is a talented singer-songwriter from Lindesberg, Sweden. Not too long ago, he released a heartfelt pop-rock single, titled, “Maybe It’s Just Me,” via Universal Music AB.

Chris Kläfford – “Maybe It’s Just Me” single

“I’m getting tired of going to waste, like trying to run with my feet stuck in place. I try to hide, but you see on my face I’m out of grace, I’m out of grace. Maybe, it’s just me, I’m never where I wanna be. I’m stuck here inside it, just holding the chains at home in the cage holding me. Maybe, it’s just me, I am my worst enemy. But I just need something or someone to blame. Just give me a name or agree.” – lyrics

‘Maybe It’s Just Me’ gives a dark account of a guy who is terrified of who he could become. As his mental world slowly falls apart like petals falling from a dying rose, it’s hard for him to be proud of the battles he’s won. With a heavy heart, he admits, “Can’t take the time to just stand in the sun and say that I’m wrong.”

‘Maybe It’s Just Me’ contains an unhappy, fear-driven narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Sam Ryder and Chris Stapleton. The emotional tune possesses saturated drums, piano melodies, and guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with a moody pop-rock vibration. Furthermore, “Maybe It’s Just Me” is the title track of Chris Kläfford’s debut album, which contains ten stellar tracks.

Chris Kläfford

Chris Kläfford press photo

Chris Kläfford is considered to be one of the strongest musical voices to come out of his home country in a good long while. After paying his dues as a traveling musician for over ten years, his well-deserved breakthrough came with winning the talent TV show Swedish Idol in 2017. In 2019, he was praised by both judges and audience on America’s Got Talent, where he qualified for the semi-finals. With his talent, productivity, and continuously growing social media following, Chris has managed to gain a worldwide fan base, multiple platinum singles, and record-breaking exposure with a #1 spot on radio airplay. To date, he boasts over 300 million global streams and over one million followers.

Chris Kläfford – “Maybe It’s Just Me” album

Chris Kläfford - “Maybe It’s Just Me” album cover

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