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Chey releases a stunning music video for visuals for “She’s Got You”

Chey, pronounced Shay, is a singer-songwriter from a small town in the Welsh Valleys, UK. She’s been making waves recently with her latest single, “She’s Got You”, an enchanting ballad about a woman who wants what another woman has.


Most of all, the Videoink-directed visual was filmed in an abandoned cotton mill in the heart of Manchester City Centre, in the United Kingdom. Also, it shows the artist sitting in a lonely room by herself.

Chey’s enchanting voice, and her heartfelt lyrics, slowly pierced their way into the underbelly of our hearts. In addition, our emotions were intertwined with the compelling storyline of a lonely woman, who just lost the love of her life.


“There’s no one in this room, but, she and you / she doesn’t know that I’m here for you too / I’ll just sit on my own, I can’t move / because I want what she got, and she got you / she got you.”


“She Got You” was produced by Londoner David Ezra, producer of several finalists from the X Factor television show.

Chey in a lonely room

Chey also released an Ezra-produced club version and a lyric video for “She’s Got You”. This version wiped the sadness outta our eyes and prompted our feet to happiness. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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