Charlotte Sands press photo
Photo by Megan Clark

Charlotte Sands releases a LIVE performance video for her “Alright” single

Charlotte Sands is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter from Hopkinton, MA. Not too long ago, she released a LIVE performance video for her “Alright” single.

Charlotte Sands – “Alright” performance video

“Through writing ‘Alright,’ I made a choice for my future self—it was the light at the end of the tunnel—and now I am in that light. We wrote this song with the hope that it could remind even one person that life does go on and nothing is forever. The future can be so daunting, especially in times of uncertainty, and it can so often feel like you’re stuck without a way out. But this song is a sign to keep moving forward because it will get better.” – Charlotte Sands explained

The video, directed by Good Game (Noah Tidmore, Bryant Bural), finds a rock-ready Charlotte Sands singing while strumming an electric guitar that matches her illustrious hair color. A passionate drummer and another guitarist add much texture to the entertaining set.

“I trust my horoscope more than I trust myself.”

Charlotte Sands - “Alright” cover
Photo by Acacia Evans

“I want to be the big sister to those who feel like freaks. My intention with my music is to create a safe space for people to feel accepted and celebrated for their weirdness and diversity. When people feel seen and supported, the world becomes a better place.” – Charlotte Sands explained

‘Alright’ finds Charlotte Sands recounting a profound turning point in her story, as she channels her experiences as an outsider into empowering art. When the pandemic hit, Charlotte faced the difficult decision to either stay alone, isolated in Nashville with an uncertain future, or go back home. While she was booking her flight, she was also working with Danen, and a piano melody he was playing lured her to stay. That musical motif became Charlotte’s single, “Alright,” and her lyrics reflect her desperation at the time.

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